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Adept II

Memory clock stuck at max (2100) RX 580

Sapphire Nitro+ RX 580 8 Gb LE

AOC 2460G4 144hz

One monitor. At 120 hz everything is ok but at 144 memory clocks up to max 2100 mhz and never drops.

When i bought RX 580 a year ago i realized it was already well-known problem. And it still persists.

Is it even fixable? How it can be not fixed yet?

2 Replies
Journeyman III

On my Nitro+ RX 570 8GB the memory clock seemed "stuck" at 2100 Mhz regardless of what speed settings I used in Wattman. It took a while to realize it is related to the BIOS switch setting (Graphics vs. Compute). During installation I set the switch to Compute for mining and then forgot about it. Yesterday I shutdown and changed the switch to Graphics and saw that I could change the memory clock setting.  In the Global Gaming settings in the Radeon app there is a setting for Graphics/Compute that may do the same thing. Your mileage may vary being that you have a different model but it seems like a good place to start. Read your manual! Good luck.


Thanks but it's not the case. Since even amd support failed to solve this problem and not only in my case, i assume the problem is not fixable without a proper driver fix, which is likely not gonna happen cuz amd can't even fix 0 rpm for the third update already.