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memclock stuck @ 945 with the latest crimson 18.6.1.

exactly what i stated, with crimson 18.5.1 and 18.5.2 the memclock went to 500 when watching some YouTube. Older drivers keep the clock down to 167 in idle as it should.

now with crimson 18.6.2 the memory just clocks to max of 945 from the moment the system boots, on win 10 newest spring creators update with all patches.

trying to kill the overclockers cards or what ? bought more shares in electricity providers ?

like Always with AMD , two steps forward = 1.5 step back.

Vega 64 liquid (gigabyte)… cost me enough i might say. But the drivers still are not worth it.

Why is it that you have such problems AMD ?

And i might aswell ask in the same go , why did only since the win 10 fall creators update get my pci-root complex updated with an amd driver when it is an intel piece that always was working with its own driver. So why now the AMD driver on top when i don't see it doing anything beneficial. Maybe the stuck clockspeeds have to do with this…

Fix this please.

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