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Journeyman III

Media patrol very SLOW!

I have an old Gigabyte 880-based MB, Athlon Phenom II X4 running at 3.4 GHz, 16 GB RAM.  Disk setup is RAID 10 with 4 WD RE4 1-TB SATA 2 drives plus 1 dedicated hot spare.  When I first configured this system, the media patrol would complete in about 4 days.  Now it is up to over 20 days.  Anyone have any idea why this is so slow or what I can do about it?

BTW, I asked this question in the Processors forum several months ago, but got no satisfactory answers.  One thing suggested was to rebuild the array from scratch.  I didn't want to do that then, but, with the Windows 10 upgrade, I decided to do so.  No improvement.  In fact, problem has continued to get worse.

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