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Adept II

Massive Issues with Driver Features on RX 7900 XTX



I got a new RX 7900 XTX (replaced my old one due to hotspot issues) and it's working way better (temperature wise) getting around 30k in 3dmark time spy (aka rather good results)

However as soon as i touch any tweaks or driver features (e.g. anti lag, afmf, raden super resolution, etc.) than it's becoming extremly unstable (causing crashes in games like: paladins, star wars survivor, etc. etc.)

Additionally i also had enabled "custom resolution" as i need to add all custom resolutions for all strech res in different games i play, e.g. 1280×960 and 2507x1408 for 2 seperate games. Maybe that causes issues too?

Right now i have nothing set nor enabled except Instant Replay.

Any1 knows what could be the causer of this issue?


Also i experienced that if anything is set except standard, than i galso get power loss (randomly for sub 1s the gpu has <50W power draw, 0% load etc.)

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