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Adept III

Many older games will cause "stuttery/laggy" Windows (10) after Playing.

I recently tried some older games and found out that some of these (DX9 and older) games will cause Windows to feel really choppy afterwards.  A great example is Sonic Mania. I got the game for free from Epic and thought i would try it out (changed to fullscreen which might matter).
The game just plays fine, but after quitting the game dragging Windows on the Desktop will feel really stuttery, clicking on the Startmenu will bring up the menu kinda "slugish" as well. Even just scrolling through Steam will "feel choppy".

The best way to reproduce it, is playing one of the games that suffers from this issue. Afterwards just open any Folder on your computer and move/drag the window (or any window) on your desktop. You'll notice that it will stutter/jump and the movement isn't really as smooth as it should be. I checked the Taskmanager but there isn't any Programm using CPU nor is the Computers performance really affected. It seems to be a "visual" issue only.
What fixes the issue is starting up any game (even just the menu) that doesn't suffer from this issue and quit the game. Then everything is fine again. Another way to fix it is pressing the combination CTRL+WIN+SHIFT+B
The Issue isn't present on my other similar System with a Nvidia Graphics Card.

So far i found 5 games where i could reproduce it (i used fullscreen in all games - don't know if it matters though).  Sonic Mania however seems to be the best game to trigger that behaviour:

Sonic Mania (Epic) - DX9
Unreal Tournament 2004 (Steam) - DX8
Quake 3 Arena (GOG) - DX8
Final Fantasy VII (2013 Steam release) DX9
Epic Fantasy Battle 4 (Steam) - which is interesting since it seems to be a Flash game.

There are certainly more games that trigger the issue however those are the only games which i took note off since i found out it is related. I thought it might be related to Freesync or Chill however disabling it for these games doesn't change anything.

Windows 10
Ryzen 5600x
B550 A Pro
32GB Ram
Some LG 144hz Freesync Screen (running @ 120hz on Desktop)

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How did QIII and UT2004 play overall?  All of my computers on my old gaming LAN ran Windows 7 and older games were mostly fine. Now that I'm rebuilding all the PCs and using Windows 10, I'm afraid of having issues with the older games.

I'd say they perform the same on Win10 as on Win7 (at least from my experience). Just the bugs afterwards are annoying.


 Just curios did you make sure you downloaded all the versions of direct x so they play smoothly?

Adam J Martin
Adept III

Don't Starve will casue it as well..