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Journeyman III

Manual set fan to 0%

I'am not happy with the automatic fan control since i want to keep my RX vega64 nitro+ HBM2 memory around 70°C but the automatic control target it around 85°C.

Question 1: In older Drivers i could set my own temperature target, why is this impossible now?

Question 2: Why is it not possible, when i switched to manual Fan control, to set the Fan to 0%?

I tried now to set for every game a Profile and for the desktop mode i want to use the global profile. But every now and then in desktop mode the global profile switch to the game profile and wont turn back even though i didn't started a game at all.

I had installed Spahires Trixx software to change the rgb light on my card, but since the software felt pretty buggy i've uninstall it and completely wiped the AMD driver with DDU  and reinstalled it.

But somehow i have the felling the Trixx software is the cause for the random profile switching, how can i reset the BIOS? of the graphic card?

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