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major issues oem video cards and vulkan driver and killing oem drivers

Hi there,


anyone got any info on why amd drivers after 18.2.1 whql kills the vulkan driver on dell e6540 amd 8790m? and why later drivers kill the whole intel 4600 driver as well? trying to find a driver that works stably and just load vulkan only games like doom eternal i know the card is dated and performance is lacking unless ya run in low resolutions with low modes (had doom 2016 working med detail vulkan on 18.2.1 amd whql) 25 to 30fps constant at 1280x720) but all newer drivers after this time just break things either core components like switchable graphics, vulkan (come up saying it's installed but not compatible when testing) or gpuz just says it an't installed even tho the amd 8790m suports vulkan 1.20!!! 

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With a Laptop it is best to use Dell's own latest AMD Driver first to make sure it works correctly:

Screenshot 2021-02-04 070431.png

With Laptop's with a Intel APU and AMD GPU you must have the latest Intel Drivers installed especially the Intel APU Integrated Graphics and CHIPSET drivers.

Plus Windows must be fully updated via Windows Update for the latest AMD drivers to work correctly.

Dell has a Updating software you can use to update all the Intel and AMD drivers on your laptop otherwise use Intel own updating software.

Once that is done try installing the latest AMD driver from AMD download page again.

Also make sure you have the latest BIOS version installed for your Dell laptop.

NOTE: If in GPU-Z you have the latest AMD Driver installed that supports Vulkan and Vulkan is not check marked at the bottom it means that AMD Driver wasn't correctly installed.

Make sure you use DDU in Safe mode (best method) or Windows desktop with the internet disconnected and deleting AMD installation folder at C:\AMD before installing the latest version of AMD driver.



done the ddu and used dell drivers, but then updated them to version 18.2.1 whql worked kept all previous settings, (switchable graphics with adding vulkan 1.20, which the previous dell driver did not) as you see in that screenshot you posted a 2015 dell oem driver after that there is nothing, the intel one tho 2019)


anything after that kills dell drivers and functionality even tho oem amd drivers say they support the 8790m where as with my experiments it does not.


latter drivers if you just update them break working vulkan drivers instead of updating them, "vulkan installed but not compatible" when trying to use anything that calls on them, newer drivers kill the switchable graphics options, and even latter ones like 20.4.2 kill out both the intel driver (dells) and kills the amd driver also rendering bsod and not working again until all video drivers and files are killed out the system or start from scratch again (clean reinstall) or image i've had 19.9.2 working but it killed the vulkan driver even if you update every update (which i have up the last one) the amd drivers break the functionality of the card, has anyone or even amd itself had it functioning is what i am asking or will it just be over looked and or forgotten?


also running latest a27 bios can post some screen shot later if anyone wants to see it, done it also on 3 other e6540 laptops that where not completely updated os,bios and original drivers yes updated and 19.9.2 installed working except for vulkan functionality 


When a laptop is using a Intel APU, the AMD GPU works with the Intel Integrated Graphics. That is why you need have the latest Intel APU driver to make the AMD GPU driver to work correctly.

You have to realize that the AMD Mobile generic driver are designed to work in as many laptops as possible. Thus it isn't 100% compatible with the laptops. It should work but may not use many of the laptop's customized features.

Most likely the latest laptop AMD Mobile Driver for your AMD GPU is not compatible with the older Intel APU Driver and is in conflict.

Try downloading Intel's own driver updater and see if it updates all the Intel drivers in your laptop if your laptop doesn't have its Driver updater installed.

Otherwise I suggest you open a Dell Support ticket and see if they have newer Intel drivers ,AMD Driver, and BIOS version to download.

NOTE: Found this latest DELL AMD Driver for the HD8790M:

Screenshot 2021-02-04 104454.png

but the latest Windows version it is compatible with is Windows 8 or earlier versions.

Why are you using old drivers? Update the Intel drivers first...get them from Intel Support...then the AMD driver. Use a clean install

i'm using the older drivers because that is what dell has on their site, and the newer amd drivers (above 18.2.1) kills opengl/kill vulkan and the newest ones kill all of those and the intel 4600 driver needed to even have the amd switchable graphics running)




the intel assistant doesn't have drivers for the Intel components so i have to use the 2019 driver they have on their site


I am very curious as to how you are assigning the graphics to a game or app. 

My RX580:



using the intel based one a 2021 driver yeah it installs but then doesn't even detect an amd card in the system which was why i was using the dell based one because it atleast allows the amd driver to install and partially function but what i am finding is nearly all of the drivers after 18.2.1 kill various parts of the drivers from vulkan to opengl to not even detecting an amd card 


and plus your gpuz pic is from a desktop running only an rx 580 i could post my desktop one running 20.4.2 on an rx 550 i'm trying to point out something has changed with the drivers since 18.2.1 (which worked completely)