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Journeyman III

M390X with Dell 7710: Black screen after resume from suspend to ram

Hello to all,

I'm the happy user of the Dell 7710 notebook with a "AMD Radeon (TM) R9 M390X" (Chipset = 0x6921) graphics card.

Unfortunately, I can not really use it with linux, as the screen stay completely black (no backlight) whenever I resume from suspend to ram. The system still runs and I can log into it from outside, but the screen stays completely black. This happens with SuSE 13.2, Tumbleweed and also with Ubuntu 15.10.

It happens with the amdgpu driver as well with the fglrx driver, and also with kernel 4.4.rc7.

The only unusual thing about using this notebook is, that I have to use the "nomodeset" option in the kernel line while booting, otherwise the screen directly turns black after the kernel is loaded and then the system is stuck.

Do you have any hints how to solve the black-screen after "suspend to ram" problem?

Thanks a lot,


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