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Low quality sound when I record with ReLive and how I stream on Facebook Live

My dear friends, first of all I want to salute you all and introduce myself, my name is Alexander and I'm a computer passionate like of us here. Specially the AMD video cards. I always went with team red even when I knew a series from nVidia would be slightly better. I trust them.

Right now I have a terrible solution and I dig up all the internet to find a replay with no avail. I started to save my gameplays with re-live. My settings are custom (as in attachment) end everything is fine with the video. However the sound is another problem.

I heard people compaining about delays etc, I have no such problem instead I have a problem with sound quality. I tried all the settings I even put it on 320Kbs even if is useless in a game caputre. I can't get rid of it.

To show you the sound quality I give you a link. You can find all my game videos in there and all have the same problem: Playing Rise of the Tomb Raider (for PC, no commentary) Part.5 - YouTube

Now let's talk about my setup: I own a quite good PC, Intel i5 6600K (800Mhz O.C. very stable) with 16Gbs or Corair RAM on a motherboard Asus Z170-A. As main disk I use a Plextor nVME M8Pe of 512mb in a M2 slot. I have ultra speed in everything. The rest of the storage is represented by 2 x 2Tb Seagate 7200rpm HDD that work in RAID 0 Config. I'm into music production so I have also a decent sound card external, a Focusrite 6i6 Scarlett second edition. Is a killer! Also in my other options I have the sound card AMD from my video card the on board sound card which I use it on optical out to a sound-bar because listening all the time on a 2.1 monitoring sound is very tiring (Tannoy 802 main monitors, Temblor T10 from PreSonus, so I have 20Hz to 43Khz, for room correction I use a DBX 231S sound equalizer with 31 bands/channel, all connections are balanced XLR mainly, only the one going to Focusrite is TRS).

My video card is a Sapphire RX 480 Nitro+ 8Gb O.C. out of the box. I could continue with the description but I don't think the other parts are relevant.

My quastion is simple... why the hell is the sound so low in quality. Sounds like hell (please listen to the video). I tried different sound exits (I currently play on my Focusrite) changed the sample rate, I did everything yet the sound is not changing. Also Re-Live doesn't have some advanced functions for sound setup. I always use the last drivers for everything...What can I do? Any Ideas?

The second question (I write it here not to make 2 posts) is: how do I stream on Facebook? I logged in myself, the app was added to my Facebook but when I try to stream it doesn't work. Nothing appears on my Facebook display, and also when I give the comand Ctrl+Shift+G nothing appears on the screen so nothing is streaming. On youtube and other services is working but not on Facebook any ideas?However this sound quality problem is the most horrid and it must be solved. Is a shame I upload all my videos with that crappy sound quality. My soundcard has 6 ins and 6 outs, I was thinking to use some cables from outs to inputs but to be fair this is not a solution, and I have already too many cables. What should I do?

Thank you very much!

Red Team 4ever!

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