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Adept I

low Gpu Usage = low Gpu Clock ? Can that be changed?

Since 1 Week I have the Powercolor 5700 xt Red Devil. I had a RX 480 Sapphire Nitro before.

I have tested the GPU on several Games now.

my Sytem:

CPU r5 2600x, MSI x470 Gaming Pro, 32 GB Ram 3200 cl 16, Power 750watt be quiet, Win 10 64bit

In Games like Witcher 3, Tomb Raider ( Rise , Shadow) the GPU is running good and as expected.

The5700xt ist much faster then the RX 480 in this Games.

Mostly i am playing Racing Simulations, like Assetto Corsa (AC) , Assetto Corsa Competitizone (ACC) or iRacing....

In these Racing Games the 5700xt is running NOT good compared to the RX 480.

And when i looked at the Sensors i saw that in all 3 Racing Games i had not nearly Full GPU Usage, and it seems that the 5700 xt is reducing the GPU Clock when the Usage is not 100%.

So the FPS compared to the RX480 are very similar like with the 5700xt.

I play the Racing Games on 1920x1080 144 hz Freesync Monitor, and want the FPS as high and stable as possible around my Freesync Range from 52-144hz.

I was thinking with this upgrade from rx480 to 5700xt, i can run higher and more stable FPS with the same settings

, or that i can run higher settings if the FPS would be high enough.

Especially bad is Assetto Corsa Competitizone (short ACC).

ACC is a newer Game from summer 2019 with good Graphics, and also very demanding Physics, when i am drive against 28 KI Drivers i am CPU limited, and the GPU usage is only between 50 -75 % with the 5700xt.

And my FPS are only between 55- 80 FPS during a Race, and GPU Clock is all the Time very low (1000-1400 mhz) but never on 1800-1950 mhz like on other Games.

With RX 480 i had similar FPS on the same Graphic settings.

So it is like i had no upgrade with the 5700XT at all...

For Example, in the Witcher 3 i had 100% GPU Usage and GPU Clock was running without problems on ~1950 MHZ with good Temperatures and good FPS.

In the Racing Games, i had Usage between 50- 75 % , and the Clock is sometimes on 900-1200 MHZ or shortly on 1500MHZ.

Is this a "new feature" for "saving Power" with the 5700XT?

If yes, i dont like this, when i am Racing with KI or online, i want the max FPS ( i cap the FPS on 144fps) and i want my Card to run as fast as possible.

I did not find any settings in Wattman where i could change this behavior, can i somehow choose at least a minimum Core Clock , or how can i change that the GPU is not downclocking only because the GPU Usage is not 100%?

At least i want to CHOOSE if the Card is running on full speed or throttle down, or i want to choose that the GPU Clock don´t go down so quickly as it is now

for example that if usage is above 45%, GPU is running full clock, and below 45% it start to throttle down...

For my Racing Games i want Full Power for good and stable FPS even when the GPU Usage is low.

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Adept III

You appear to be CPU limited, so more GPU processing power / clockspeed will not raise the frame rate. Preventing GPU throttling is pointless and will just burn more power. The GPU is working as designed it is not limiting your performance. Focus on the CPU side to increase FPS.

  • I suggest you try freeing up CPU resources, increase/upgrade CPU performance, try tuning game settings to lower CPU demand.