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Journeyman III

Low fps in some games on rx6600

4 days ago i buy rx 6600 instead GTX 1050ti i open f1 2021 Forza horizon 5 CS go and everything is run smoothly but when i open gta online and fivem i have drops to 45 and max 75 FPS my freamtime also is very nad. I try to upgrade bios ,chipset driver, RX driver and nothing i swap again with my 1050 ti and fivem run smoothly lowest fps was 65 FPS avg 80 freamtime was very good 0 lags. I have ryzen 5 2600 i knows is a bottleneck but in gta? I dont thinks so. Please help my i already do 2 formats.
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Adept I

Siema Maciek, It's like GTA online has some sort of problems with AMD and i just got used to it, Tested on 2 friends pc and 2 rigs of mine.

1. friend with rx 470 and ryzen 5 1600 (Low fps at night and the performance slowing down over time in game)

2. friend with gtx 1060 3gb and ryzen 5 1600 (Stable fps, nothing wrong with games, but whenever his drivers were out of date, he began dropping performance significantly, making him update drivers asap. Idk how, it just happend to him)

3. Mine 1. rig, ryzen 3 2200g and rx 570 (Same as 1. friend, there is no fixes that i found from that time for gta v)

4. Mine 2. rig ryzen 5 5600 and rx 6600 xt (Same fps at night and day, 140-180fps, but when i look at bushes it drops to 90 lol, it's just gta, can't help it 

Adept I

Hello need to know that changing CPU from Ryzen 5 3600 to Ryzen 5 5600x boost my fps to 30% ,Rx 6000 series it's strong card and need better CPU if I have less than Ryzen 5 with 6 cores don't waste your time 

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games or apps or software running may use very old obsolete intel and nvidia software which isnt multicore or multithreaded. every ryzen is a true super computer.  so you must configure your bios and RAM for lower latency. the reason they often have to update their display driver or it slows down is viruses/limits apps and games are often coded to FAIL and have memory leaks. Suppose you install an older game almost every game comes with visual C++ redistributable, but if every game needs it why isnt it part of the OS already? the answer? IT IS! you dont need it. Its sometimes used by developers for their SDK but its often a fake virusey version. same with .netcore desktop runtime. Games insist you install version 2 or 3 of windows desktop runtime .net core but windows 11 comes with version 4.8 or something by default out of the box. installing their decades older or fake ones will not replace the OS one and load in a SECOND one and will run terribly halving performance and slowing your internet and worse still its often not a real .net from microsoft or visual C from microsoft so its just a huge virus file. 

Even more not great is your display driver gets downgraded and replaced by something, or turning a feature on in the adrenaline catalyst driver may be set to the lowest possible setting but not have an option to dial it up or the windows OS already enabled it in the wrong way subtly in background with a setting of 0. then when you turn on in adrenaline they sorta all dont work. So sometimes updating your display driver in device manager once in a while can be very very helpful but does take a moment of clicking through and selecting the driver inf file which unpacks from the adrenaline installation setup which for me is C:\AMD\packages\display then maybe wtga or inf or something. 

Enabling AMD features such as SMART ACCESS MEMORY and AMD FIDELITY FX SUPER RESOLUTION2.0 can boost FPS by 50% 

so enabling ALL THE AMD FEATURES YOU POSSIBLY CAN is the best thing ever. i found dozens of them.

though that said for windows i had to use a text file renamed to config.ini and place expandable string registry keys, or on linux or android it seems to just work without the registry stuff and just works BETTER with the config.ini text file. best of all since intel and nvidia are fake and limited you can type in the same intel or nvidia function many many times over and dial its values up by thousands or billions. and then copy that config.ini file in 4-10 times. where it says super resolution, super is 6k, then theres ultra 8k.. not sure where hyper comes in.. like windows hypervisor.. then theres MAX and infinity. I like to type in these words.. instead of the old windows 95 and DOS high or very high. highest or Best used to be a word but i dont know if it works like that anymore.



man i got Rizen 9 5900x and RX6600 8gb and even got poor performance on wrc9 low fps on cod and sometimes hard screen lag on mortal combat... what am i doing wrong?


bought an RX