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Journeyman III

Lost display output after installing driver update

My rx580 turned off display output during driver update (2x hdmi). Output nerver game back on


caps lock and hdd light kept working for 10+ minutes


restart and displays stuck in standby mode not even boot logo

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Journeyman III

no display when entering bios either


hear Windows booting in headset

Sapphire Radeon RX580 Pulse 8GB GDDR5 Dual HDMI/DVI-D/DUAL 299-4E353-030SA SKU 11265-05

motherboard: H510m-a pro


cpu: intel i5 gen11 WO graphics


system has worked flawless for 6 Months on this MB up to now


I have the same GPU. I don´t think it´s screwed.

1) Disconnect PSU from the wall socket
2) Disconnect the CMOS battery from the motherboard
3) Hold the power button for a minute
4) Take off the GPU and RAMs
5) Reconnect the PSU and try to turn on the system. You should see a black screen and if you have a speaker you should hear a bunch of beeps, since there is no RAM
6) Reconnect the RAMs and boot into the system with the integrated graphics if possible
7) Uninstall the driver with DDU. Disable fast startup from Windows' energy options and shut down the system
Put back the CMOS battery and the GPU. Try if it boots now


Card tested ok in ryzen3 pc. 22.5.1 installed fine there. Will test batteri reset…


Mb runs full selftest after cmos reset but still no video output 


it boots ok to both win and bios but no video output in either 


Then you have to uninstall the drivers. Can you boot in safe mode?


Just in case it happens again, I had something similar happen to me on an install, but when the displays didn't revert from blackscreen after a couple minutes I turned them off and on again (not the PC just the displays). That didn't help so I unplugged the displayport cables and replugged them. That brought the display back to life and I was able to complete the install.