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Lost Ark Problems

Please when AMD will release anything regarding the poor performance on games like Lost ark ?

im sitting on a 6900xt and its awful  the state of it so poor performance

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I figured out my problem was from Windows forcing me to install drivers that are faulty. I ran DDU and reinstalled my drivers from AMD directly and had to pause windows updates in order for it to stop breaking my drivers. I now run 150+fps at all times in DX11 Fullscreen with everything maxed in 1080p. Also I was experiencing artifacting when exiting the game when Windows kept pushing the driver update. It would only trigger if I toggled the metrics overlay. I would experience performance being cut in Lost Ark and no other games but I would see artifacts where the screen is supposed to flash black when exiting the game. This would happen when running other games or programs that used fullscreen as well. Where the screen was supposed to turn black I would see artifacting. Nevertheless I believe running DDU and pausing Windows update then installing the 22.2.1 drivers from the AMD site fixed it. I have a 6800xt so you should be pulling similar frames if not more than I pull depending on your setup. The Windows drivers would get rid of the update option so I had to go to the AMD site to get the 22.2.1 drivers.

I would try.


In this order:

Pause Windows Update for 7 days.

Run DDU in safemode and reboot.

Install the Adrenalin 22.2.1 drivers from the AMD site.

Set the game to DirectX11 and Fullscreen.


Good luck friend.

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Thx a lot, it's help me when i buy RX6600)