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Adept I

Lost and Looking for Direction

So having been a Professional Technology fields for 30+ years I am truly at a loss of Direction so seeking help.
Recently (Jan 2020) Put together a new Gaming PC (was on ps4) with the specs below and was gaming on ultra on most games at 100fps on an NVidia RTX 2080 Super, Now I have purchased a RX 6800 XT and installed it in my new System.

Removed all NVidia prior to physical install.

After reboot and install of AMD most recent driver all desktop 2D and Video play back is smooth, browsing no issues. Launching a game and they crash within seconds the display card Quits. Event log 1401 "AmdKmdag", "Display Driver has stopped responding"

I AM AT a LOSS of what to do next? This card destroys my old card in performance but I cant play for more than 1 min (or less), where as I can play all day before.

I have been searching here for possible solutions:
1. using 2x dedicated 8 pin power cables for the GPU (instead of the 8pin + 6pin i used before)
2. tried under volting (I can get further but it still freezes)
3. Tried TdrDelay (same)
4. Driver clean up ? (first install)

Bios version: 10/26/2020 F31d
Video driver: 20.11.3 (same issue as with previous driver)

CPU : AMD Ryzen 9 3900x
Memory: 4x 8GB Gskill CL14 3200
GPU: AMD RX 6800 XT (Reference Card)
MotherBoard: Aorus X570 Elite

Monitor resolution: 3440 x 1440 (ultrawide) Free-sync
PSU: CORSAIR TX750M (750 watt)
Storage: 2x PCi 4 M.2 1TB

Corsair RGB Keyboard and Mouse

1 Solution

Minimum recommended PSU is 750W for RX6800XT...
That may be it.

Regarding beating an RTX2080 Super. 
Well not really.
If the RX6800XT crashes all the time I would have thought that brings the average FPS down quite a bit.

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Welcome to AMD graphics! LOL

Firstly most stability issues are power related. That can mean a driver, bios or you hardware is just not giving enough power issue.

That being said this is a new architecture and maybe a future update will fix things. However RDNA/Navi has been out over a year and the complaint you are making comes in at about 10 a day on Navi still and a years worth of drivers has not removed the issue yet. 

One thing I can tell you from experience in using AMD GPUs is their minimum spec for Power Supply requirement is usually way too low. Many reviewers experienced voltage spikes on these new cards that reset the protection in their power supplies. Most of them were using power supplies well above the requirement.

Your power supply while being right at the requirement many still not be enough. As they age they lose power. The more components you have the more power it uses and any overclocks in the system processor and GPU will, will pull a lot more power.

You can test to see if you are dropping below 12v with free diagnostic software OCCT from ocbase dot com. It can test all your components. You can use a secondary app like HWINFO to also monitor the power in realtime as OCCT runs its test. 

If that doesn't show any issues you are at the mercy of if they ever get it fixed with a bios and or driver update.

You can then see if raising the Power Limit to its maximum of 50 helps supply a bit more power ceiling to the cards and helps stability. That setting is in Radeon Settings, Performance, then Tuning. Slide it all the way to the right. 

If that doesn't help only you can decide if you want to keep the card beyond your opportunity to return it. 

I know I won't ever make the mistake of keeping a card and hoping it will get fixed. I gave up on mine finally and that was a costly mistake having kept it to replace it after a nightmare of a year. 

If yours is just your power supply isn't giving it enough power getting a new supply may very well give the card the power it needs. I would not go below a quality 850 though if I were you.

Luckily you already have a perfectly good card if yo decide to see if in time things improve for others.  You can always buy another later on. 


So after the updating I did I am in the same boat. I will see with the local dealer if they have 850 Gold PSU in stock. I will focus in that direction for now. 

Thank you again. If all works out with the new unit I will make sure to make your post as a solution to give credit where it's due.

Team Red ??


I wish I could promise that is the fix. It sure can't hurt to try. AMD for whatever reason the past few years has a lot of instability since adding the dynamic power shifting with the introduction of Wattman in the drivers. 

Minimum recommended PSU is 750W for RX6800XT...
That may be it.

Regarding beating an RTX2080 Super. 
Well not really.
If the RX6800XT crashes all the time I would have thought that brings the average FPS down quite a bit.

Thank you very much for your help. I had a  Corsair 80 Gold PSU 750 Watt and replaced it for a Seasonic GX-850 Prime and now I have no Crashes. With my overclock active also All is good. 

Thank you.


Great news. 
Glad you got it fixed.


Another case of AMD setting the minimum power requirement too low. Several have reported this now in forums in the past few days that their 750 didn't cut it. 

Glad to hear that new Power Supply is working good. Especially since I bought the same one last week! I won't likely install mine until I manage to score a shiny new GPU myself.

Happy Gaming!

Adept I

Thank you for the feedback but here are some things i did do after posting this discussion

1. Upgraded BIOS to F31I latest (there's a new one every 2 weeks for SAM support)

2. Pushed all Windows Updates and optional. I was at 20H2

3. Updated Chipset drivers, seems to have helped with the visual artifact. In destiny it stopped crashing while in orbit but crashed as soon as a landed in EDZ

4. Update Ryzen Master.

## Testing



Can I ask you a question please?

How many Power Metrics can you report in the  Radeon Performance Overlay for the RX6800XT?
If you have Adrenalin 2020 20.11.3 installed go to Performance -> Metrics and Turn on the Metrics Overlay. 
You should see at least one GPU PWR reported.

If you select the GPU box at the top left you should see a number of Graphs on the right hand side. 
Is there only one Power Consumption Graph? 

Reason I ask. 

AMD have implemented new power control circuits on the RX6800XT design. 
If they are actually being used properly it  *might* be possible to report: 

GPU Power (i.e. the power consumption of the GPU die). 


Total Board Input Power ( i.e. the power consumption of the entire GPU through PCIe, and dual 8 pin connectors).

If you see only one Power Report then they are likely still using GPU Power so it looks better (lower).
It might be they wait to allow Total Board Input Power reporting with Adrenalin 2021.