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Adept II

Looking for the Fluid motion video option & extra on Ryzen mobile apu's

Hello guys, 

Does anyone know if and where is the fluid motion video option went to?

Is it not supported anymore or not on the mobile chips?

I checked with the Vega56 gpu, and that one has the function like normal.

One of the reasons I wanted some Amd notebooks is because the standard blue team intergraded GPU is really terrible at frame interpolation during live replay.

AMD fluid motion is a much better solution for playing mixed fps video content in a live environment, so im really hoping its still possible to use.

Also the other custom video tabs are missing on both my Ryzen 5  Pro 3500u and 3750H.

Maybe someone here knows.

Thanks anyway

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AMD video support seems to get worse over time. They don't even do deinterlacing anymore, my 4670 had more features over 10 years ago.

I believe windows in general is dropping deinterlacing support.

Although still somewhat used in professional broadcast, progressive is almost all modern content

Adept II

Oke, probably not a whole lot of people care about the subject. But i also have an official amd statement to close the topic.

AMD official response:

Please be informed that AMD Fluid Motion and AMD Steady Video features are not supported and end of life feature.

We are aware that these options may be listed in error on some system configurations in Radeon Settings for Radeon Software Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.7.1 (and later) and will correct this error in a future Radeon Software release.