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Adept I

Long time Radeon supporter, now once and for all sick of AMD driver update schedules

Already beat Forspoken at 80 hours with no included AMD driver support, so performance was rought.

AMD driver schedules were already irritating at 1–2 month intervals, but now AMD have moved to appears to be quarterly updates. Meanwhile, Nvidia drivers for my RTX laptop gets updates every 1-2 weeks.  I'm guessing drivers for my desktop will come in March, or end of this month...which will mean it will have been about a quarter of a year without an update. Yes! THREE MONTHS! AMD's website lies and says drivers were released December, but we all know that we downloaded those same drivers way back into November.

Once my 6900 XT is ready to be upgraded you can be sure I'm going green team. I hadn't realized how good Nvidia guys have had it, seeing as though I always chose Radeon since 1800 XT and 2900 XT days, but back then Radeon drivers were more frequent and Radeon was winning. Looking back? I guess that's the difference between ATI and AMD. Nvidia cards are more expensive, sure, but look at it as you're paying for reasonable support, I guess.

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Ryzen 3 3250U supremacy

Have you visited Nvidia support site? They have lots of similar problems (at least Amd has never released a card bricking driver like team green)

Just saying, it isn't as good as you think.

Adept II

AMD just needs to name the exact release date of the driver for the 6000 series.