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Listed as fixed but zero rpm still not working in 19.1.1

Fixed Issues

  • Zero RPM control may fail to enable correctly when toggled on/off in Radeon Settings.

Fans still running when they should not be.

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Please everyone keep reporting this so they fix it. Then report it for every driver they release that does not fix it!

Online Service Request | AMD  


Still broken 19.2.2!

Why does it say assumed answered? I didn't mark it answered and I am the OP. amdmatt did you mark it answered? 

Adept I

I have same issue.
So I will stick with driver 18.12.1 (last time custom fan and Zero RPM worked) until they fix it.

If I try to run custom fan curves with newer drivers my fans run at 1300(!!!) RPM as lowest possible value. That is what they usually ran at in some games. My CPUs water cooler (pump) used to the loudest part when computer was idle. With the newer drivers its the GPU.

I have a Sapphire V56 Pulse.


please everyone keep complaining about this to AMD support. Hopefully the pull their head out of it and fix this:

Online Service Request | AMD 


Amd's global support replies they know about the problem and they'r on it. So keep waiting, there is still hope for us.  


Keep complaining until their "we know about it" shows up in the drivers as a know problem again or it is fixed!




Fixed Issues

  • Zero RPM will correctly disable in Radeon WattMan on available system configurations when manual fan curve is enabled.

So AMD thinks people want the fans to run all the time in manual mode?  

I don't have my RX 580 installed and my other cards don't have these Wattman settings. Can someone confirm what these fans are really doing under this new driver?


Yep, zero rpm switch dissapear when you switch fans from auto to manual

and what Im showing right now is the lowest you can get on curve, thats damn stupid




OMG, this is so bad. How r they going to compete on gpu market if they can't even make a proper fan curve solution? This is so embarrassing, i have no idea how amd allows this to happen.

Someone, pls tell Lisa, radeon is a dumpster fire right now. 

In all fairness, nV offers even less in their drivers, not to mention the stuff looks like if crawled out of last century.

Adept I


Sapphire Trixx started to work properly, I can now set fan curve as I like- but there is still no 0 RPM mode.

Lowest you can get on V56 Pulse is 500+ RPM and it's silent and acceptable.

Temporary fixed that problem this way.


According to the release notes in the 19.2.3 driver it sounds like that is by design. I don't get it. They sure are not listening to their users. I hope I'm reading it wrong or something. I'm sure someone will confirm. 


So it looks like AMD ditched Zero RPM completely for custom fan setups. That's just bad  

Adept I

Is there a way to limit the max RPM in the later/latest drivers?
I set my fans to max 2000~2200 RPM in watt man in older drivers and it works fine with Zero RPM.
Still sticking with the 18.12.1 drivers where it works fine for me.
With the newer drivers I have tested, the lowest I can get is 1300 RPM with my Sapphire V56 Pulse....

Yes there is a way. Set fans to manual and than set max fan curve to desired RPM level


But if I use the manual fan curve the Zero RPM wont work and I am stuck with 1300RPM as lowest setting (30% fan speed?). I was asking if there is a way in Wattman to set max RPM without using manual fan curve (like you can in older versions).

Yes the pre 2019 drivers worked fine. That is the our current complaint.

I know that's our gripe. If you go manual the fans don't shut off anymore like they did Pre 2019. On the RX 580 I can hear the Fan at idle. It sucks and isn't right. But the way the release notes read, it's the way they are leaving. So I guess if we don't like it, we buy someone else's GPUS.  I installed my RTX 2060 last Friday night. So far it's awesome and problem free. Everything worked as it should right out of the box.

Adept I

In the notes of the latest, 19.2.3 driver it states:
"Zero RPM will correctly disable in Radeon WattMan on available system configurations when manual fan curve is enabled."

IN the next set of drivers, AMD, please have the option to correctly ENABLE it!

I have the PowerColor Red Devil 56. The cooler on that thing is prodigiously humongous. Sadly, PowerColor droppoped the ball on the default fan curve, resulting is some unnecessarily noisy operation when running anything but the silent bios mode. However, they do have a working zero RPM function.

Now, I like WattMan and I'd very much like to use the manual fan curve. There are a few major problems with it, however:
- zero RPM does not work...
- the maximum temperature is 65 degrees... that should be at least 75.
- the minimum fan speed seems to be 35%. Not really a problem, if zero RPM was working.

Please let us modify the maximum temperature, within reasonable limits. For example, 75 or 80 degrees max. Please enable minimal fan speed of 25% or so. WattMan is a very nice utility with excellent interface, but it has some seemingly arbitrary limitations.

It seems (and in a way it should have been obvious to me) that the maximum curve temperature is dependant on the cards bios... After switching the jumper from "default" to "silent", I can now set a curve all the way to 80 degrees. Minimum speed is still 35%.

So all in all, PowerColor made some very weird decisions with the bios settings...

Adept II


I found the solution for having the manual fan curve and zero RPM working : 

No 3rd party software needed, just the normal wattman.

Hope it helps

Doesn't work for my AORUS RX580 8GB


Im sorry to hear that

My card is 590, maybe my saved profile does not work with your card, can you edit the XML like jdrobinson314 suggest?

Actually I tried my own profile that i have saved from 19.2.2 version and that one doesnt work. I'll try with yours or try customizing my own profile. Just dont have enough time atm.