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Adept I

LG 34UC99 Random Flicker with Freesync, Still Not Solved from AMD?


I just bought an LG 34UC99 monitor 2 weeks ago. 

So far I'm happy with it, but the monitor flickers randomly on 75Hz with freesync on.

60Hz is fine.

I tried turn off the freesync from Radeon Crimson (freesync on via OSD), but the flickers still happens randomly. Sometimes every 5-10sec, sometimes it doesn't happen all day. This has been bothering me since I paid a lot for this monitor.

Did some research, many folks are experiencing the same flicker issue with other Freesync monitors.

The question is..

Does AMD care and aware of this plaguing issues??

Will they even make a fix for this issue??

This issue persists since 2 years ago and AMD doesn't seem really care about this widely known issue.

Latest AMD Crimson 19.9.1

Ryzen 1700X

Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro 8GB

LG 34UC99-W, connected via DP