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Journeyman III

Lenovo AMD Radeon 530 / R7 m440 driver problem and very low performance with gpu

Hello everyone! The last days ı buy a lenovo ıdeapad s145 15-ast. My laptop is have a AMD Radeon 530(TM) GDDR5 2GB. But When I Update the adrenalin 2020, My Graphic Card name is change R7 M440 and ı take 10 fps in PUBG MOBİLE. YEAH I TELL TRUE I HAVE 10 FPS İN PUBG MOBİLE. A Lot of people ask this problem but amd admins doesnt care. we need a new driver for these laptops. ı hope this problem is fixed in a few weeks.

System : AMD A9-9425 R5 Graphics

               8GB DDR4 1333Mhz

               AMD Radeon 530(TM) GDDR5 2GB (But Doesnt Working xd)

               256GB SATA SSD

               Lenovo Ideapad S145 15-AST

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A mobile machine like that is unsuitable for playing modern games

Build yourself a desktop for gaming


Yeah ı hope ı build desktop for gaming but we have one problem. if amd doesnt look our these driver or graphic card problems. Who is buy AMD System? Look bro ı have amd system my cpu a9-9425 3.1 gpu r5 graphics, radeon530(TM) . ı dont even buy amd system. thanks for your reply.


Because you have a mobile machine it's kind of limited

AMD desktop processors and motherboards are good but I am using a GTX 2080 video card which is extreme and AMD does not have a card that powerful

Journeyman III

My Lenovo yangtian v330-14ikb have this problem too