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Journeyman III

Lenovo AMD DVD SATA Driver

I just purchased a Lenovo AMD Ryzen 7 2700 - I believe the model is a 720 ideacentre; I am having issues with getting my DVD working. I have just upgraded my graphics software to the newest version. I am running Windows 10 and I am not able to access or use the DVD on the machine. 
I keep finding references on the network instructing me to upgrade my SATA driver. When I goto the AMD web site I am not able to identify which of the many drivers is the SATA driver that works with my AMD computer. 
Any ideas are appreciated
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Journeyman III

I went to the AMD site and run the automated check on my drivers. The automated tool upgraded my graphics drivers to verision 26.20.15002.61 dated 12/4/2019. The automated upgrade just upgraded the drivers for my graphics card and did not fix the issue with the ADM chipset and my CDROM. I wonder why this nice tool does not check other drivers rather than just the graphics drivers; well I now have current graphics drivers.

I then went to the lenovo support page and entered in the problem I was having with the SATA driver not working and got a good technical reference to download the u6chp41us17 script to upgrade my SATA driver. I downloaded the script and ran it on my computer and then rebooted the machine. Everything then worked on my computer. I can now play music and access my CDROM drive.

Hope this helps others that are having similar issues with the AMD SATA drivers.