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Journeyman III

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga colors are wrong with 18.7.1 drivers

I reported this back in May with the 18.4.1 drivers (backing down to 18.2.x fixed the problem).  And the 18.5.1 driver seemed to have fixed it.  This seems to have regressed again with 18.7.1 (possibly earlier, my kid and I haven't played this one that recently).

The issue is that the Lego pegs are all red and all the lightsaber colors are also red.  There appear to be other weird color variations that are wrong but I'm not sure without a side by side comparison.


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Adept I

Same thing happens on LEGO Batman the Video Game.  Red studs instead of silver and gold and blue, etc.  Red lighting from streetlights instead of yellowish.  This may be occurring in other games, silver, golds, green, blues, items all becoming red.

It also makes the bushes red instead of green in the Invasion of Naboo levels in LEGO Star Wars The Compete Saga.

Reverting to Adrenalin 18.6.1 (or 18.5.2 or 18.5.1) makes the colors normal again.

You can also work around this issue in Windows 10 by changing the Graphics Setting in windows 10 settings for the game app to use a different GPU.  For example, when I changed mine to use the Intel integrated GPU that's part of my CPU, the colors became normal.  Bonus, I didn't have to move my HDMI cable from my Radeon card to my motherboard's HDMI port.  On a laptop you may be able to set a different GPU in the Adrenalin software, but this option was removed for desktops.

Adept I

Seems to be fixed in 18.8.1