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Journeyman III

Legacy Drivers and Windows 10

Good morning, friends! After days of trying to get my computer to recognize my ATI FireGL V5200 chipset after the Windows 10 rollout, and hours of frustration and eyestrain that go along with that, I wanted to share this article with you:

Here's my experience, in brief: I read hours of blogs and forums, and am so grateful for all the contributors. I work for a non-profit, where I am a nurse, and we do not have a tech person, I am the closest because I'll at least try. My computer build, I found, was much less an issue, so I have not shared all the details. What was important was knowing this was the right video card (which DirectX could see but device manager could not), that my device manager would not recognize it, and it kept trying to just use the Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, which was totally inadequate for many reasons.

I was able to locate and download the correct driver for my video card through the AMD driver site (thank you, AMD!) which was ATI FireGL/Pro/MV Software Suite Multilanguage v. 8.583. When I would attempt to install this driver, it kept saying that it was not for a 64-bit system, even though I knew that it was. I have become a pro now at reading video card .inf files.

This article, coincidentally written to help get computers set up for medical usage, had the answer: a very simple modification to the .inf file that allowed the driver update to see it as the 64-bit driver that it infact is. I followed the instructions, and low and behold, device manager now sees my card, both of my monitors look great, no more eye strain, etc. I want to say, I also prayed on my way to work, and God is awesome! Hope this blesses and helps someone else continue to use their older video cards happily with Windows 10! Be blessed!