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Adept I

League of Legends does not go above 120+ FPS with RX 5700 XT

I have the latest driver, 20.1.1, and it looks like I cannot run this old game above 144 FPS max settings (1080p) with RX 5700 XT. I used to have RTX 2070 non-super, and that can run 200+ FPS with max settings 1080p no problem. Let me know if I can fix this. Thanks

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Adept I

Can anybody take a look at this issue, please?

Adept I

i have the same problem.. i had 200+ fps with my nvidia 1060 and now i cant get even to 150fps with rx 5700xt.. and somehow i get fps drops in teamfights.. sometimes fps drops to 40+-

unnistalling drivers with ddu wont help at all

Adept I

I can confirm that I have also run into this issue since purchase of my card. I am using a MSI Mech OC 5700 XT. I was previously running an ASUS Strix R9 380 with none of the issues outlined below and would consistently get >150fps in LoL at maximum details.

Same as above, I have never exceeded the 144fps needed to match the refresh rate of my monitor since purchase of this card. Frequently throughout the game (LoL), somewhat randomly, there will be a 2.5s pause (consistent amount of time each pause) in the screen - the screen is frozen and nothing works. Whilst I am playing I also monitor the performance of the card in AMD's Adrenaline Software on my secondary display - during these pauses my GPU utilisation and clock speed go to 0% and then recover. My card is not overheating running at a maximum of 65 degrees as I have an open case with good airflow, and my PSU wattage is adequate. This issue has occurred much more rarely in other games and during general use, e.g. YouTube, but nowhere near to the same degree.

A new issue has now also arisen where randomly, LoL will just tab out to the desktop and you will have to click on the minimised client to re-enter the game. 

My software is completely update (version 20.1.3) and I am still running into this issue. 

I have also noticed, similar to what is outlined in this post here (5700 XT Brief White Noise upon Login to Windows ) is white noise on my secondary display when logging into windows.

Very strange, and VERY disappointing, given this was a nearly $700 up(down)grade here in Australia. My R9 380 suffered none of these issues. I have sent a warranty claim but it seems this is a more systemic than card specific issue.   

Journeyman III

Hey, I also had this issue, and was about to return my graphics card to NewEgg and get a different one. I know one of 2 things fixed it for me, but not which, so I'll list them both. (I assume it was 1, but who knows)

1. Right click on your desktop and open AMD Radeon Software, click the settings cog in the upper right hand corner, click on the graphics tab in the top left. Now, there's a Radeon Anti-Lag option, which by default is enabled. Disable this. Pretty sure this is what fixed the 1-2 second freezes in LoL.

This is the other one which may help:

Start>right-click my computer>manage>device manager>sound,video, and game controllers. 


Make sure you only have one sound driver installed. If you have multiple, disable the AMD ones. 

(Credit to Stroal at

Anyway, good luck summoners