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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Launching Ryzen master produces Q-code F8 on my Motherboard

After updating to the latest chipset drivers and Ryzen master yesterday upon launching Ryzen master it produces an F8 Q-code on my motherboard (crosshair Hero VIII). F8 corresponds to "Recovery PPI not available" though searching for the meaning of that statement just brings up all the links to the various motherboard Vendors Q-code tables. It only happens on launch of Ryzen master and the only way to clear it is to do a system reset.

So what does the Q-code mean and is it a worry?

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Adept II
Adept II

Re: Launching Ryzen master produces Q-code F8 on my Motherboard

The general consensus seems to be that as long as your PC appears to be working correctly than it is not a problem. You likely already know that not all Q-codes are error codes and this appears to be one of those.
Several others seem to have this occurring, along with myself. I have a Gigabyte Aorus x470 gaming 7 wi-fi and will show code 40 (awake from sleep) Until I launch Ryzen Master and then it will display F8

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