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launcherrsxruntime.exe The data area passed to a system call is too small

On a HP MT32 thin client with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC with write filters enabled, I am receiving the following error after restarting from BSOD every 15 min (Stop Code: System service Exception):

The data area passed to a system call is too small

c:\program files\windowsApps\advancedmicrodevicesinc-2.amdradeonsoftw...\launcherrsxruntime.exe

Display Driver

27.20.11041.2001  AMD Radeon(TM) Graphics

Tried a newer version also.  Worked for about a month and now  BSOD every 15 min again.


This laptop is extremely locked down and only allowed to go to one web site, What can I do to keep launcherrsxruntime.exe  from running at all.  I just need a basic display driver.  Uninstalling the AMD software just reinstalls the driver after a restart. 

I removed the display adapter in device manager and selected to delete driver, restarted.  It is now showing “Microsoft basic display adapter”.  I am going to try that one for now.  Looks about the same.






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If you are using Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC that means your OS doesn't get any updates except security updates.  So if your Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC is from 2019, as an example only, than you need to use AMD Drivers from that year to be compatible.

The latest AMD drivers depends on your Windows having the latest Windows updates including Optional updates.

Also if your HP MT32, there are several models, includes a AMD APU Processor then you must download the AMD Driver for your APU processor's integrated Graphics which will also install your GPU card driver automatically.

If you are seeing in Device Manager MS BASIC DISPLAY ADAPTER that is Windows own native basic VGA driver installed until you are able to install your AMD Graphics driver.

Have you tried to update the Graphics driver via Device Manager?

You can use DDU to delete all traces of the current AMD driver from your laptop. Not sure if it is compatible with Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC OS though.

Also delete the last AMD Driver Installation folder at C:\AMD before installing the AMD driver again.




Thanks for the reply.  It happened again after 2 weeks of use.   I was confused because I thought I had the amd program uninstalled. 

I tried DDU, but all it found to uninstall was  MS BASIC DISPLAY ADAPTER driver.   I found launcherrsxruntime.exe in an amd subdirectory under c:\program files\windowsapps.  I had uninstalled from control panel - programs and features before, so I found the AMD driver in Settings - Apps, a windows store app I guess.     I uninstalled from there.  The blessed file is still under c:\program files\windowsapps, but I guess I will see if I get the error again.

I did not have a c:\amd directory.