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Journeyman III

Latest GPU Drivers Crashing Games?

Hey there, New to the AMD family.

I was just wondering if anyone else games are crashing since the newest drivers came out?

my system is



32gig DDR5 6000mhz

Warzone 2 keeps crashing in lobby. The Division 2 crashes every 10min and funny thing is... New World hasnt crashed yet??

Anyone else having game crash issues?

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Adept II

I don't know about those, but Ive been having a lot of crashes on Unreal Engines games more recently. The most recent game is not crashing is RE4 Remake which is from Capcom RE Engine and CSGO/Team Fortress 2 from Source.


I figured it out. It was my bios. I rolled back to an older version and seems to be okay now. But I also noticed my fps in warzone 2 is low. Sometimes spikes down to 50fps…

Adept I

So 23.5.2 makes my pc BSOD for no reason 23.7.1 crashes all UE4 games and sometimes crash makes my pc restart.. GG AMD Also been on 1616 bios since it came out on asus b650-a 2023/05/16 running a RX 7900xtx

Adept I

Interesting. I have the RX 6700XT. Upgraded from my old, reliable, abused RX480 8GB when graphics card prices came back to reality. 

My wife is using the RX570 4GB, Win10, Ryzen 7 1700X, 16GB DDR4 RAM and has no problems at all playing an old game running on the UE3, America's Army: Proving Grounds. We were beta testers for many years. Never an issue when I was using the RX480.

Now, with the RX 6700XT, with some maps, I get an "out of video memory" popup window. Checking and monitoring GPU RAM usage with Task Manager, seldom I see RAM exceed 2GB of the 12GB that I have available on the card. 

I know it can't be a RAM issue because with video editing, I've seen GPU RAM up to 11.5GB used and every kept on working. 

I've tried many drivers doing clean uninstall/reinstall and no joy. The game is no longer being developed (after 20 years) by the US Army. We still play it, well, at least my wife can.... 

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, Sapphire RX 6700XT, 32GB DDR4 3200 RAM, Gigabyte X570 Elite.