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Journeyman III

Latest drivers causes black screen of death

Ive read on diffrent places that the previous drivers causes black screen of death and it is still recurring for me and ive just bought my new 6800xt red dragon.


Ive reinstalled w10 and fresh new drivers for the graphics card. I DO have 1440p 144hz main screen and unfortunatly a 1080p monitor that does have 144hz but only on dual dvi link.

So my question is. Is there anyway to fix this issue or are they gonna get fixed soon with more recent drivers?

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Adept II

Not sure about having more than one monitor but try using the 22.10.3 driver and do the following:

1. Disable Hardware Acceleration on everything (Web browser, Discord, Zoom, etc.)

2. Disable Radeon Image Sharpening in the AMD Software

3. Disable Radeon Enhanced Sync in the AMD Software


I used to get blackscreens with my RX 6750 XT but since doing all of the above I haven't had it for months now. For some people newer drivers like 22.11.1 or 22.11.2 cause no blackscreens but for me I'm getting it even after doing the above mentioned steps.