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Latest driver causes strange Fans behaviour on RX6900 XT OC

If the computer is in idle mode or I just surfing the internet and all GPU temps are below 46 deg. C (Celsius) suddenly the GPU fans start spinning > 1900RPM for a short while, then goes back to Zero RPM.
After a while it repeats again top fan speed and then down again to zero.

And while gaming AC Odyssey and my GPU temp has around 56-58 deg. C (Celsius) the fan speed which should be about 8-900 RPM suddenly spikes away to full speed for a while, then it drops down to 8-900 RPM again.
It repeats this again and again.

Btw. I have my cards h/w switch set to Q-mode (quiet) but I have tried it in P-mode (performance mode) as well.
- The only way to stop this crazy fan behavior from happening is to launch Asus GPU TweakII and make sure Zero db button and Silent mode is activated, then shut down Asus GPU TweakII.

In Adrenalin > Performance > Tuning > Manual tuning => Fan Tuning is off, but I have tried to enable it and set the Zero db from there as well but No it doesn't work at all via Adrenalin.
I must use Asus Gpu TweakII for this and that s/w doesn't always remember the settings made so that is frustrating also.

This is annoying to say the least.

My Rig:
GPU: ASUS TUF Gaming AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT OC 16GB
Adrenalin s/w: 21.10.1
Extended monitor setup: Gigabyte AORUS-FI27Q27" 2560x1440 @165Hz (primary), Philips IPS 24" 1920x1080 @60Hz.
Mobo: Asus ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (wi-fi) with AMD X570 chipset
BIOS ver. 3801 (with AGESA V2 PI Patch C).
Chipset: amd_chipset_software_3.09.01.140
SAM: Enabled and fully functional.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
Ram: 16GB @3200 MHz
CPU Cooler: NH-D15-Se AM4
Storage: M2 Samsung 980 Pro 2TB NWME, SSD Samsumg 950 Pro 1 TB SATA
Windows 10 Pro 21H1 with latest Windows optional update.

Best regards from Sweden

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Re: Latest driver causes strange Fans behaviour on RX6900 XT

Another crazy thing that happened with previous Adrenalin driver 21.9.2 and I'm not yet sure that this is also a problem with 21.10.1
Playing Assassins Creed Odyssey and once in a while the GPU got hotter than normal (56-60 deg.C) it went to about 84 deg. C without any change in the load and the fans was still stuck at 8-900 RPM.
Luckily I have a second monitor where I constantly monitor the GPU + CPU, but it took me a while before I noticed this.

Why didn't the fan speed go up to cool down the GPU in that case?

What is going on with the GPU driver?
This is totally unacceptable that the driver risk to brake or cause serious degradation to my GPU.

Idle and GPU has 2 temp sensors. This is what it should be when fan speed is at Zero RPM below a certain threshold.

And here it is how it looks when playing AC Odyssey with latest Adrenalin 21.10.1 when the fans suddenly spins up with no obvious reason, well I notice that there are some strange power draw at the same time:

Abnormal fan speed. GPU temp sensor x2 AC Odyssey and one can see that the GPU core current (VDDCR_GFX) has risen to 71.9A

Abnormal-GPU temp sensor x2 AC Odyssey.PNG

Normal fan speed. GPU temp sensor x2 AC Odyssey GPU core current (VDDCR_GFX) is 66.3A

Normal-GPU temp sensor x2 AC Odyssey.PNG

In both occasions I am standing on a roof top at night and not moving (AC Odyssey).
Btw. In game Ultra settings with Resolution Modifier 120% @1440x2560
Adrenalin Radeon Chill Min FPS=75 Max FPS=80 for a cool & quiet gaming experience. 
I never had issues like that before.

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