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Latest AMD Radeon HD7600M Graphic Driver

Hi guys,

I have a Problem. My HP Pavilion g7, i5, 8gb ram has become a new windows 10 update. I have already installed all drivers and updates, only the graphic driver makes problems, because its still lagging by games..... So, where can i get a new or old driver what is compatible with the windows 10 64bit Version? Thanks for your support

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There is no such thing as a HD7600M graphics card. There is a HD7600M SERIES of cards. Which one do you have? INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION 


Thanks kingfish for your answer,

I cannot find any informations, series for my graphic card, when i open the "dxdiag", it shows me only my onboard intel graphics. And when i go to devices manager, there i can see my Hd7600M without exact descriptions. This is so laborious... Is there a easy way to get these series-number?

Thanks a lot.

Here are some screenshots:



Try using GPU-Z. Select  "Lookup"...this should show you the correct version of your graphics card.


There is only my onboard graphic, maybe is my Hd7600m not enabled? 



No...I forgot this was a laptop. It will show the graphics in use at the time.

Configuring Laptop Switchable Graphics on a Windows® Based System | AMD 

Do you have any yellow marks in Device manager/ Display adapters ?


Kingfish, this website list all the different versions of the HP Pavilion G7 Notebooks. Only two versions have a HD7600M Series AMD GPU Card, the HD7670M GPU card. Need to see if any of the two is the one the OP has: HP Pavilion g7 Series - External Reviews 

Hm, my Laptop is a G7 2088eg with a i5 and 8gb ram and the Hd 7670m, but i dont see this device on this list :O. I think I am a hopeless case.


Okey, but this Driver WHQL from 07.2015 the latest version ? Means there is no other way to become a newer version? Well, thank you very much, you helped me a lot.


These are Legacy graphics...meaning no more updates. The 16.2.1 is the latest/last.

The Website could be outdated since it doesn't show the date of the Reviews. But that doesn't matter since HP seems to use only the HD7670M and no other HD 76xxM GPU Cards in this laptop Series. So the Legacy AMD Driver kingfish‌ is showing is the correct Laptop AMD Driver for your computer.

The AMD Driver from 2015 is the WHQL Driver while the 2016 Driver is a BETA Driver but the latest and last driver for your laptop GPU Card.