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Journeyman III

Latency problem when booting my computer


The computer was installed on April 1, 22, and there was no problem until 15 days ago. Nothing particular has intervened to cause this problem. I do not know what happened.

I have a latency problem when booting my computer for 15 days. Until now the desktop appearance time was equivalent to that of an immediate reboot. Now I observe the following.

I turn on the screen, I turn on the computer, the following screens follow one another:
bios logo "american megatrends", windows logo with wheel, black screen, Asus screen logo, black screen, Asus screen logo, black screen, Asus screen logo, black screen, windows desktop.

The appearance of the desktop can take up to 3/4 minutes with a succession of "black screen / screen logo" up to 18 times in a row.

Note that when I do a reboot (windows-> restart) once the computer has already been started once, I don't have to wait, I have the "American megatrends" bios screen directly, windows logo with wheel, login screen (no password) and windows desktop.

Computer configuration:
Gigabytes B550 Gaming X v2 motherboard (AMD Chipset software driver
AMD ryzen 5600G CPU (AMD driver software 21.10.2)
DDR4 F4-3200C16D-16GVKB 3200-16-18-18 Ripjaws
Asus VB191 monitor
Bequiet BN276 Purepower 10-400W power supply
Samsung 850 evo 250GB Boot SSD
Windows 10/64 Home build 19044.1889

Technical data :

I have the logs if needed.

Can you help me ?


If someone can answer me in French, it will greatly simplify my life

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