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Journeyman III

Last work drivers for 8650G/8570M

Hello everyone, there is a Lenovo g505s laptop. 8Gb Ddr3l 1600 (one bar), A10-5750M, Discrete video card 8570M, BIOS version last-3.0. the Question is as follows: a friend has the same laptop, but the BIOS version 1.0 and the processor A8-4500M, he has a two-channel RAM mode running Crossfire, and I do not work, i.e. the external video card does not connect in games and works only in tests. Both laptops have the same and latest drivers. For 8650G/7640G Crimson 16.2.1 , for 8570M-20.4.2 Adrenalin. I still have a question: my video card Manager displays: AMD Radeon HD 8650G
and AMD Radeon R5 M200 / HD 8500M Series (3.png)
(Crossfire mode is working now), but I can't figure out if the video card is running on maximums. just some people in the video card Manager displays as: AMD Radeon HD 8650G and AMD Radeon HD 8650G+AMD Radeon 8570M (99.jpg), how to get the same driver in the device Manager and I suspect that this should be ideal. How do I get Vulkan to work on 8570M?

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Journeyman III


Why do you think both cards are working now?

1.Run furmark. Do you see temperatures on both cards?

2.Now if you see both temperatures. Run GPU burn-in and look how temperature NOT growing on dedicated one... and later only when processor heat up it began to raise too. Looks like that dedicated GPU heats up from CPU by heat pipes

3.Do not let you dedicated card to sleep.

If you do not see temperatures at p.1 try to run windows registry editor by 'regedit' command.

Find 'EnableUlps' parametr in



and set it to 0 (this must not allow card go to sleep), then reboot and retry to do p.1 again you hava to see temperatures now.

Do not forget to return those keys back later - dedicated card seems not working anyway, but will consume some energy now.

4.It's possibly you wondering why your notebook run that how and fan allway loud

4.1.Your bios is locked and you can't change anything there + it seems you have to high 'power states' voltages set up in locked bios. You can try to make undervoltage by AmdMsrTweaker.


Not sure where I found AmdMsrTweaker. Possibly here.

This is text utility that looks like this


As you can see on your image 13

Your CPU runs at 2300 MHz at Core Vid 1.175 volts, in same my own runs with 0.95 volts at same MHz.

Of couse all CPUs are unique and you have to make some tests to find 'your right' values. Anyway you can see my values below.

This is my stable values for windows 10 (Lenovo g505s CPU A10 8650G/8570M):

AmdMsrTweaker P0=35@1.24375 P1=32@1.18125 P2=28@1.075 P3=25@0.99375 P4=21@0.9 P5=18@0.85 P6=14@0.825 P7=9@0.8125

For P0=35@1.24375, here P0 is power state 0, 35 frequency is mutiplier for g505s means 3500MHz,  @1.24375 is voltage on P0.

P0 is most poweful power stage stage. P7 most power saving.

This is my stable values for windows 8:

AmdMsrTweaker P0=35@1.1687 P1=32@1.0875 P2=28@1.00625 P3=25@0.95 P4=21@0.88025 P5=18@0.825 P6=9@0.8 P7=8@0.8

Idk why there is the difference in stable voltages between win8 and win10.


Addtionally this makes north bridge voltages a little less for me and CPU a little more cool

AmdMsrTweaker NB_P0=16@1.125 NB_P1=13@1.1125 NB_P2=12@1.1125 NB_P3=7@0.875

It looks like my NB voltages locked anyway at 1.125


4.2.NB voltages will grow up VERY HIGH anyway when integrated GPU will try to do its work, because its internal bios VID values seems TOO HIGH like 1.1625 volts for 533MHz and 1.2 volts for 720MHz. Sadly those values locked too... and I couldn't find the way to make them less yet... so it will overheat under load anyway


Ask Lenovo and AMD to let us tweak those values