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Journeyman III

Last AMD Survey for new features | There is nothing needed there

Dear AMD Radeon Team,

Today i completed my survey from the drivers app and realized that the only thing that i could found useful in all those options was the improved fan control. I really found the rest of the features nice to have but not needed at all.

The only thing that im asking AMD to have within the drivers control panel, since i bought my first R9 280X 6 years ago, is an improved VSYNC control. Enable Vsync driver option doesn't work at all and force triple buffering only works for OpenGL apps (an option that i would like to use in Devil May Cry 5 for example, since the in-game vsync uses double buffers and causes me framerate drops).

After having an RX580, an RX Vega 64 and now porting a flaming Radeon VII, i still doesn't have a proper driver vsync options. I used to install radeonpro.exe, a perfect app that allowed AMD users to have the same tweaking capabilities than the Nvidia users, radeonpro.exe stopped the support and is not working anymore with lastest drivers.

So, which options are actually needed? Here is my list of features that i really miss:

1. Force VSYNC. (for DX9-12 and Vulkan games).

2. Force Triple Buffering. (for DX9-12 and Vulkan games).

3. Half-Refresh Rate VSYNC. (Its anoyinng to setup my screen to 30hz inside windows options everytime i open and close a game that i want to play at 4KUltra30fps on my HDR TV with my gamepad).

4. Adaptive-Sync and Half-Refresh Rate Adaptive-Sync. (Enhanced Sync is completely useless, under 60fps is vsync off, perfect, but over 60fps is an stuttering mess, so i have to enable enhanced sync and cap fps using RTSS to achieve something similar to adaptive sync, but its still an stuttering mess, RTSS cap helps but doesn't fix the stuttering at all.)

5. A proper fps cap. Something that can maintain the frametimes and the framerates stable when the gpu reaches the frame cap.

6. Bring VRS to Vega10, Vega20 and Navi10. Please, don't make this feature exclusive for RDNA 2.0. We all know that this doesn't need exclusive hardware capabilities, just like raytracing does.

7. The improved GPU fan control is really needed for some users (not my case).

Finally, there was an option in the survey for improved radeon boost support, people didnt vote it, why? simple, Radeon Boost is totally senseless. We don't need games to lower the render resolution when we move the mouse, we need games to lower the render resolution when the fps are under an fps target. That is Adaptive Resolution with an fps target, and you know it perfectly, since it's use is really extended in the current AMD consoles. Thats how Radeon Boost should work, and what PC gamers need.

Finally, not everything is bad. I have to congratulate AMD for showing to all PC gamers that DLSS is actually an stupid feature thnx to Radeon Image Sharpening, a feature that works with every single game and doesn't need developers to program and train a complex and advanced IA with exclusive hardware (tensor cores) to achieve WORST results than a nice adaptive sharpening filter like AMD RIS. Thanks for that, i think that we all really apreciate it, but please, take a look to VSYNC options.

Best regards,

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Adept III

Bring back FRTC to set Frame Rate for Freesync users!