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Journeyman III

Large and noticeable decrease in performance after driver update

Recently when updating my radeon rx 580 drivers, there has been a very large and noticeable decrease in performance compared to the old driver. I was able to run games at 1920 x 1080, with 144fps but have since had to move on to 1600 x 900 because of the low frame rates that began to happen after the driver update. I have tried to roll-back to old drivers, but they are too old.

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Alright so the newer drivers decreases performance, but the previous ones you were using before was fine, but you say "They're too old"

Can you explained that? Because I'm using a RX 570 on my secondary rig with drivers Adrenalin 20.9.1 and i can play every game perfectly fine. Using a Radeon Pro W5500 workstation GPU for my main rig and play games, watch movies, browser, again perfectly fine with these drivers Adrenalin 20.8.3. . Now i understand us gamers always gets excited with new drivers and we think everything will be ok, but in my experience, newer drivers doesn't mean everything will work out. When i bought the Radeon Pro W5500, which came out in 2020 i never thought using older drivers that use the "older control panel", would function and work better than all the rest of the newer drivers. Even video quality looks way better using older drivers compared to newer ones ( a weird bug with the w5500 idk lol ).

All I'm saying, if a driver is working just fine, just keep using that until they fixed the problems.



@untouchable2k  It is time to upgrade hardware. When drivers start do degrade performance mean that developer does not have time to do performance testing for those specific hardware. To be more specific performance is not critical bug and that hardware not in priority so it will never be fixed. Soon we will see legacy drivers for Polaris and Vega GPU's.


Well the OP just needs to go back and use the previous drivers. Also i hear what you're saying, but i disagree about how the devs don't have time to test stuff, they do , but they don't want too. I told the radeon pro team about an issue with the w5500, two seriously issues and they told me they don't do gaming testing with workstation gpus. 

I think they should do testing for all, but that's just my opinion. 

Adept I

I have the same problem in Kingdom Come Deliverance in particular.  On a rx580.

I would not have upgraded to  the new drivers (adrenaline 22.4.2 except that when I tried to activate the Radeon software, I got an error message saying that the software could not longer work with the graphics drivers.

 I think I still have the old driver (not sure never done that before) but if it wont work with the software (or vice versa), then not upgrading doesn't seem to be a viable solution.

Why can't driver updates build on the performance of previous versions instead of causing new problems?