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Journeyman III

Laptop's integrated monitor only refreshes when an external monitor is pklugged in

I have an HP EliteBook 745 G5, running the latest version of Windows 10. Its monitor works fine with the GPU drivers provided by HP as well as any driver provided by AMD, before 19.2.2.

Any driver after (and including) 19.2.2 causes the laptop's integrated monitor to not refresh and appear frozen. The system does however respond to input and function, you just can't see it, because the image gets stuck a few moments after windows reaches the log-in screen.

Interestingly enough, plugging in an external monitor (with HDMI in my experiment) not only works, but makes the integrated monitor work correctly and refresh. So, if I use the integrated monitor and an external monitor everything works fine, if I only use the integrated monitor it does not refresh the screen for some reason.

I reported this issue with every driver version since 19.2.2, but it's still there. Has anyone experienced the same problem?

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