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Laptop freezes when trying to install latest amd drivers

My computer:

Toshiba Satellite P50-B-L11

Intel i7-4720HQ


AMD Radeon R9 M265x

(Sorry for my english)

When I tryed to change my HDD to an SSD, I had to reinstall windows on the SSD. When I 1st booted the pc, I realized it was not using the R9 graphic card. I proceeded to install the drivers, because I guessed they were not installed. So when I got them and tryed to install, my laptop freezes and I have to reboot it. I`ve tryed to clean install the drivers but still dont work. Also tryed to bott Windows in safe mode and tryed to install them that way. Nothing works, and I dont want to think my graphic card has died.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much.

1 Reply

Make sure windows is fully up to date.

Download the driver.

Download DDU, Wagnardsoft_com and run it from safe-mode.

Disconnect from the INTERNET, unplug, turn off router, whatever.

Restart while not connected to the INTERNET.

Then reinstall your driver.

It is likely Windows was screwing it up by trying to auto load a driver and messing it up.