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Journeyman III

laptop freezes when installing amd driver

So I have a Dell  15 3567 laptop with a AMD R5 M330 GPU and I have problems installing my AMD drivers. Whenever I try to install the drivers my screen tends to freeze and I have to force shutdown and I tried using DDU to uninstall any drivers that are still there in safe mode, I tried reinstalling it again and still the same outcome, my laptop freezes and I am left to using intel graphics to play my games which sucks since I have a core i7 7th gen and my fps have dropped which sucked so so so badly and I need to get this fixed ASAP. I've encountered this problem since last year and I have enough of it already.

plEase HELp meeeeee!!!!!!

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Journeyman III

Did you manage to get it sorted? I had/still have the exact same issue with the exact same laptop. I ended up wrecking it because of that and bought another one with very high hopes, since they have the confidence to sell me their product and take my money. So now I had to buy yet another new laptop while I'm trying to fix the 2nd i7. Strange that according to the Dell service tag, its R5 M430, But device ID says its R5 M330. What makes me even more upset  is the fact that I now use a Dell i5/NVIDIA and it outperforms both i7/AMD's like crazy and especially the graphics is insanely good. I really hope to get it fixed asap so I can sell it just to get some of my money back. I cant believe that such great companies would even consider selling a **bleep** product like that honestly. They should be in government

Journeyman III

i have kinda solve this issue (im using an old lenovo G510

amd 8500

intel 4600


1- go to your bios

2- disable switchable graphics (i choosed uma) i dont know if you have other options!

3- login and and remove your drivers and install (both intel and AMD)



(IMPORTANT for AMD and INTEL and even MICROSOFT to solve it)

(what i found is you need to install ( for intel 4600)


it will crash and make you ANGRY again (cause amd driver will fail to found or update or etc)

even nvidia have this issue...

and the MOST IMPORTANT thing is that i install AMD drivers step by step (to help the windows or the hardware/software not to crash)

1- AMD whql 15.11.1beta-64bit-win10-win8.1-win7-nov14.rar

2- AMD non-whql-crimson-relive-16.2.1-sep20

3- AMD

4- AMD Adrenalin-2020-Edition-20.11.1

and now

5- AMD adrenalin-2020-20.12.1

(cause 20.11.0 or 20.11.2 had crashed and freezes on the login screen again!


i hope this solve your problems <3