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Journeyman III

Laptop Freezes during Adrenalin 2020 installation

Hello, so i have read pretty much every forum to solve this problem but none of them works. I have swept all trace of AMD things on my laptop using DDU and then tried re-installing again and again but it kept freezing during installation. The closest I've ever been to succeeding the installation is 90% finished. So i tried to re-install windows but it didn't work after that.

This first happened after I reinstalled windows 10 on my laptop, which comes with its own Intel HD integrated graphics. Windows is unable to detect my Radeon 530. So I manually updated the Intel Graphics display drivers first, then I tried to install the AMD too. But my laptop always freeze during display driver (AMD Radeon Adrenalin 2020) installation.

All the forum I read was already outdated. So is there any new solution? cleaning all traces of driver, even in safe mode, and then installing the driver again didn't work. I know flickering is supposed to happen during installation, but the screen didn't even flicker. My system just froze. I left the laptop for a whole night, hoping something would happen but no, I had to force shutdown my laptop and turn it back on. The GPU doesn't even appear normally in device manager. It is detected as "Video controller" with a yellow "!" on it's icon.

I don't do heavy work on this laptop, nor do I play high end game because of its limitation... But at least I can play something, which helps me tremendously during these hard times. So please, can you guys identify the problem?

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