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Journeyman III

Kena Bridge of Spirits Meshed shadows artifacts

First of all, sorry if exist a similar post, i don't see it.
My problem is this, when i move the camera i can see the pixels over the texture, same with shadows, they are granulated, i rollback and update drivers and i don't know what is the option or problem are causing this.

The picture are from Kena Bridge of Spirits, i play with 2560x1440 with a RX 6600 

Thank you for anyone who read or reply this

It happens on all games, not only this, same with warzone, godfall, control.


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It's common in the RE engine for example. It´s fixed by going to the graphic options menu and turning the shadows to High. Making internal resolution higher also helps. Of course it will impact your game's performance. FXAA + TAA could give you a better result, too.

Disabling Radeon´s Image Sharpening from the Adrenalin software might help, too.