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Journeyman III

Just updated to 18.8.2 on my lenovo ideapad 32015abr 80xs and now it isn't supporting Virtual Super Resolution (it was supporting that earlier). I'm not really a techy person, is there anyone who can help with this?


In the previous version I was on, VSR was supported for my device. Living in 1366x768 is horrible, and VSR allowed for me to use 1600x900 resolutions but now I can't with this new update.

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Adept III

It's a AMD Driver!!! just reverse back to previous Driver...…..


It's known issue from Radeon™ Software Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1..  Picture from 18.7.1 release notes


I sent an email to AMD because 18.8.1 , 18.8.2 release notes doesn't include this issue and they said that it's still a problem and they are going to fix it