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Journeyman III

Just told by Adobe that After Effects and new MacBook Pro 16" with an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M are incompatible.

I'm being told by Adobe that After Effects and new MacBook Pro 16" with an AMD Radeon Pro 5500M are incompatible out of the box.

I'm seeing a glitchy display area when opening the latest AE2020 software even without anything on the stage.

The previous version of after effects does work but not the latest.

Attached is the kind of thing I'm seeing in the display window.  Video do actually render fine, I just can't preview anything within After Effects. 

I'm on macOS Catalina 10.15.1

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You need to ask Apple Support that question.

If Adobe says the Mac Pro with Radeon Pro 5500M is incompatible then it seems like you can't use your laptop with that particular program.

I guess you either need to wait until Adobe updates it software to be compatible with the 5500M or wait until Catalina updates it OS with new drivers.

Excuse-me but isn't ADM who developed the Graphic Card ?.


Yes, AMD developed the GPU card but the drivers for that GPU card are made by Apple and not AMD to be able to work in a Apple OS.

The GPU is the actual hardware but the drivers is what makes that hardware to be able to be used in a computer.

AMD does have Apple Drivers for some Apple computers but it is very limited.

If the creator of a software states that certain hardware is not compatible that is not AMD's fault or problem.

Could you let us know what is the actual situation ? are we still not compatible between new Adobe Suite 2020, Catalina and ADM ?. Thanks.


Need to ask that question at both Adobe and Apple Supports.

Journeyman III

So it would work on AE 2018 ? at the moment ?.