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Adept I

Just installed 5700 XT and have 3 questions

First, I keep getting some kind of popup/notification telling me to "Keep up with current news" or some such stupidity.  How do I turn all ALL the garbage ads and whatever but keep REAL notifications of problems with the graphics card?

Second, I WAS getting regular popups telling me OpenCL couldn't be started because of a problem with AMDRSServ.exe.  I have no idea if these problems will persist or not since Microsoft just shoved a giant system update on me, and I found and installed the newest set of drivers for the graphics card.  But, if it does, the only thing I found online was to delete the AMDRSServ.exe file.  Any bad things happen if I do this the next time I get the popup?

And last, I'm only a little bit of a gamer, and don't do anything big or demanding.  But I DO do a lot of image processing of fairly large digital images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.  Are there configuration settings I can/should set in the 5700 XT software to optimize it's performance for image processing?

Thanks for any help.

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First thing would be general settings, turn off every thing your not going to use multiple times daily.

 Check the amd user experience is set to learn more.

Someone else may be able to help re image processing/adobe and such....

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Shame you don't have to opt in to that stuff not out. LOL


I went into the settings for the graphics card and in truth I wouldn't have the foggiest notion what to turn on or off...  I'm sure all this makes perfect sense to gamers, but it's mostly gibberish to me.

By and large the card works, and the various image processing software I use most (Lightroom, Photoshop, Helicon Focus, Topaz Denoise and so forth), work better than with the old card. 

I suspect it's not optimized for what I'm doing, and would like to get the best from it, but I haven't found any information anywhere on optimizing the card for non-gaming use.


There really wouldn't be anything you would need to change for production software. 


OK...  As long as there's no optimization I should do, I'll leave it alone...