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Just had a driver timeout. Version 22.3.1 WHQL

GPU Power Color Demon RX 6900 XT.

Was watching YouTube and got a AMD Driver Timeout error.

Ran Command Prompts to check OS and CHKDSK to check storage. No issues found.

Ran DXDIAG no issues found.

Did a RAM clear and ensured my GPU and it's power cables were properly seated. 

I haven't experienced an AMD driver timeout since the old ATI X1000 series GPUs when AMD changed from DDR3 to DDR4 VRAM.

Anyone else experiencing driver timeouts in windows 10 with the latest AMD drivers for RX 6900 XT GPU? 

Also deleted all update cache windows games and hardware. Doing this usually solves these issues. If it occurs again I will let ya'll know.

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Performed a 20 minute stress test and no driver timeouts occurred. So far so good.

Yes i'm getting driver timeouts as well on 22.3.1 running 6900XT/5900X

I had to completely revert back to the previous driver to run 100% stable. 

You mentioned you deleted Windows and Game Cache, are you referring to Windows Storage Temporary Files- DirectX Shader Cache and Shader Cache inside of AMD Software Driver Graphics Section?

Sorry about that.

anytime I encounter driver issues the first thing I do is delete update cache files. Like Windows Update Cache my Steam Games Update Cache and any hidden pain in the backside old hardware drivers update cache.

These cache files can act like bloatware slowing down your system they can run unnecessary background programs that won't show in your task manager and in the most annoying cases can act like driver conflict errors.

Keeping this cache cleared means you need to have all your passwords written down because it deletes any auto fill or stored passwords.


Community Manager

What browser were you using to watch YouTube and was hardare acceleration enabled?


I use Edge Chrome and Firefox. Depends on which one is performing best through my VPN.

I got the timeouts to stop. I think I had a corrupted display driver backup. Performed a Command Prompt CHKDSK C:/r to run a deep scan and repair of my SSD and it found 3 versions of 22.3.1. I had only downloaded the driver once and I always use factory reset. The scan deleted one of them but when I checked my AMD file under My PC I found about 1.1 GB of unsigned display drivers that just labeled as 22.13.1. Ran an AV scan on them and no issue came up but I ran them through my Data Shredder through my AV just to be safe.  

Though I am experiencing crackling popping and sometimes screeching audio in more of my games, Seems to affect early access and all MMO style games. Single player DX11 games run fine. DXDIAG reports no issues or missing files. 

Does anyone know of a Command Prompt that performs a more comprehensive check of display and audio drivers. 

I use Google Chrome and have Hardware Acceleration Disabled entirely on all programs but, I even tested HA Enabled and Disabled, driver timeouts were still occurring.

Journeyman III

Hi, i've also been having the same issue. How did you go about clearing all the cache you mentioned?

Currently using 22.3.1 but its seems to be unstable for my build.


Thanks. mark

Adept I

RX 6800 XT here with 22.3.1 WHQL and today I had same issue when watching video in Microsoft Edge with HWA on. Screen turned black for a second and then pop up with driver timeout. Downgraded to 22.2.1 with hope and now testing.


Whoever i get a driver timeout which i haven't had in a long time, i stay away from those drivers or just downgraded back to a previous one or something else that works.