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Adept II
Adept II

Just feedback about ReLive.. (if anyone @amd even reads these lol)

Well.. I don't think it replaces OBS... at least not yet..

First few seconds it works fine but then ... i don't know why but it all turns into crap...

CPU and GPU usage is low so at least its not performance issue....

Radeon 7800series.. (7850 2Gb if i don't remember wrong)

I bet it has something to do with encoding settings, which cannot be changed in relive

(relive seems to save as .mp4 which takes lot of processing, if it streams to  youtube as .mp4 instead of flv that might be the problem)

Also why does it record stream quality, not local quality? (Archive stream button)

Also it would be nice if it could show stream quality somehow aswell (eg. current bitrate)

Too much hype on ReLive crap software

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