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Just Cause 3 Crash ☠


I was playing the first mission in Just Cause 3. After I killed everything with the tank the sequence comes with the helicopter and the video driver crashes.

Newest Driver 18.7.1: The driver crash and windows says "The Display Device has been recoverd..."

17.7 by Windows Update: Windows Crash completely with FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE

Just Cause 3 only works with 17.7.1 but this is not a fix in my eyes

Video: JC3 Crash - YouTube


Operating system: 64-bit Windows 10 Home 1803

Motherboard: Asrock 970 PRO3 R 2.0

Memory: 2x 8,192 MB Crucial Technology DDR3 @ 1,600 MHz

Hard disk: 256GB 300MB/s INTENSO Portable SSD USB Device


Graphics card

Graphics card: AMD Radeon Rx 570

Vendor: Giga-byte Technology Co., Ltd.

Number of Cards 1

SLI/Crossfire: Disabled

Memory: 4,096 MB

Core clock: 1,244 MHz

Memory Clock: 1,750 MHz

Driver version: -



Processor: AMD FX-8350

Standard displayed core clock: 4,000 MHz

Maximum Turbokern clock: 4,200 MHz

Number of cores: 8

Package: AM3 +

Manufacturing Process: 32 NM

TDP: 125 W

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Re: Just Cause 3 Crash ☠

In Radeon Settings / Gaming / Global Settings / Global Wattman / find the power limit slider and slide it all the way to the right to it's maximum. If this does not help on the current driver. I suggest trying 18.3.4 as it was less problematic than the last few for many. Do this for any driver with Wattman. This setting will revert to default if new driver is loaded or driver crashes so you may need to reset this often.  If that doesn't work, reverting to 17.7.1 is probably best to do. We all agree with you here but are users just like you. These are user to user forums not AMD helping here. If this doesn't help by all means ask AMD for help and let them know how you feel about this: Email Form

Good Luck!


Re: Just Cause 3 Crash ☠

See if any of these troubleshooting tips works in resolving your error : FAULTY HARDWARE CORRUPTED PAGE on Windows 10 [Solved] - Driver Easy

BUT this website gives a more in depth Troubleshooting tips on preventing the BSOD Error you got: How To Fix FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGE Blue Screen Errors (0x00000128)