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Drivers & Software

Adept III

Just a little rant about the AMD stuff.

Now it's been a month of experience with an AMD graphics card. Admittedly, I am quite disappointed with the driver and software hassle.

- Screen colours are often washed out and contrast is off when I quit the game. I have to reboot the PC to get the colours back to normal.

- I use custom color settings in the game profiles and when I quit the game, those adjustments change the global color settings.

- Sometimes games run at high fps (200-500 depending on game graphics settings) and when I later start playing again, the fps may vary between 100 and 200.

- Sometimes the games run really smooth and later it can be all stuttering and choppiness.

- All games often crash on startup and hang in the background. Again I have to reboot, or sign out and in. Then retry, sometimes several times, until the game starts.

I have tried with default settings, overclocking, underclocking, with and without SAM, reseted bios, uninstalled drivers and softwares with DDU, reinstalled and tried with different driver versions and software versions, clean-installed Windows and whatnot. When I get rid of some problems, new ones appear. Volts, amps, temperatures etc. all within acceptable limits, so I believe the hw is intact.

I never had such a hassle with nVidia graphics cards and software. Well, I'll wait for the next software versions and hope for the best. If things don't get better, then there's nothing to do but go back to the nVidia camp.

= 5900X = 6900XT = X570 = NH-D15S = 16Gb@3600Mhz = 1000W = 65" TV (HDMI) =
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