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Journeyman III

Issues with RX 580 Driver Timeout in Oculus VR on ANY new drivers for my card

I have had issues with my RX 580 since about May/June of 2022. Every time I go into vr my graphic drivers crash randomly from 10 minutes, to an hour in. I have tried bios updates, driver updates, made sure my psu was working fine through different applications, uninstalled drivers with both amdcleanup and DDU and reinstalled from scratch, nothing works at all on EXCEPT using the old driver 22.5.1 and before. I was fine with that being a temp fix until now, some (both new and updated) games now will not even launch because of an old driver installation. So if I wanna play a new game like call of duty or modded minecraft I have to uninstall my old drivers and install the new ones until I wanna play in vr again which I then have to uninstall the new ones and use the old ones. I have read almost every form from here to reddit about this issue and I know im not the only one. I have stress tested my gpu and benchmarked it on games like cyberpunk and it dosnt crash or overheat, its only in vr and sometimes I can be idling on a menu and it will still crash not even in a game. Please if someone can, help.

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Download and run OCCT and run all 3 tests to while, if possible, using the VR Oculus.

In the PSU test check for Voltage outputs that are all within 5% tolerances. Found, as an example only, one previous thread concerning the RX 580 and Oculus crashing during games turned out the PSU was outputting bad 12 VDC voltages (Fluctuating between 11.2 and 11.6 vdc). Replaced PSU and now his Oculus and RX 580 is not crashing anymore during games.