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Drivers & Software

Adept I

issues with Radeon Software 22.8.2.

unstable automatic overclocking for ROG STRIX RX590. even when not over clocked games suffer latency issues. such as fortnite. fortnites performance on DX11 has gotten worse these past few years. now it lags on high and refuses to reach a solid 60fps. and to make it worse the game now crashes my GPU drivers everytime i play the game. i keep getting this overlighting over blooming on shiny objects and light sources on call of duty vanguard. and random back and white texture bugs. nd then after that a full system kernel crash. im not sure if the driver is preventing me from playing sniper elite 5as that game refuses to boot anymore and rebellion is not taking responsibility for this matter. also i suffer latency issues when playing sims 4 on recommended settings. lack of legacy support for DX10 and earlier games. as i cant get Split/Second to go higher that 720p. resolution optimizations for old games are so poor i cant run many x86 games that well and is frustration to get working. although im surprised Dino Crisis 2 for XP works fine even at 1080p on windows 10 using fx8350 and rx590. while many other games suffer pretty badly. also negative support for under 32bit games... i have noticed since radeon driver 8.1/8.2 has been in play gaming has not been peaceful... also a persistant bug after OC error occurs. when reactivating the automatic overcloacking it bugs out at 1490mhz instead of its 1625mhz oc... and yeah i know im using a dated cpu but it feels neglected by amd for performance optimizations for a physical 4 core, logically 8 cores. would be nice to see a random driver support for legacy fx to have some random improvements for gaming and windows 10. since win11 gave us the finger.

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