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Journeyman III

Issue with newest drivers


Since the newest drivers (currently installed 20.4.2)  came out I've been having the issue with certain games (for example War Thunder). As soon as I start the game, Im kicked back to desktop and then back to the game (for around 3 times) and then I get an error msg in the top left corner (pictures in the attachments). After that happens I cannot increase the textures quality or anything. Game works fine with the driver from September ( I believe its 19.9.3).

My system (desktop):

OS: Win 10 64bit
GPU: R9 380X
CPU: I7 870

RAM: 16 GB

MB: P7P55D - E


4 Replies

I would re-install the driver and choose clean install. If that does not help clean install a previous driver that worked and report the issue to AMD Support:


seldom do you take into consideration amd support with all the problems that the company is currently presenting, you do not reach a solution just by uninstalling and installing old drivers, it is a global compatibility error with windows that has already affected multiple users of the same brand.


and these are USER TO USER FORUMS ONLY. You are only enlisting the help of other users like YOU. We don't make nor influence the drivers in any way. If you want AMD to fix drivers then you need to talk to them: 

Thank you for your help! I tried doing clean installs but that never helped. I will write to AMD support like you suggested. Thank you!