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Journeyman III

Issue with HDMI scaling on my TV

Hello AMD community!

I had a look around on Google and here on the forums and haven't found a similar issue yet. My issue is that I can indeed scale my screen to fit my TV but every time my screen turns off (sleep mode) or I shut my PC down the scaling changes. In other words when I set my scaling in the AMD app to 5% to shrink it to fit, the screen is the opposite on restart. I set it back to zero to expand to fit and it goes the other way on restart. Been going back and forth for a while and can't find a solution to not have to open my AMD settings to fix it on EVERY restart. More an annoyance than anything because I have no other issues as far as I can tell.

Would appreciate some help with trouble shooting thank you.

OS: Windows 10

GPU: AMD Radeon 5500 XT

AMD Software version: 22.7.1

TV: Toshiba 47" LED 3D TV Model: 47TL 515U


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Adept I

I just posted the same, same error with no solution.

That's what I do, and every time the size change again, and got to do it again and again 

Journeyman III

bumping because no solution and 1 person who doesn't read the whole post before replying.