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Journeyman III

Issue with freezing with sound popping

I am not exactly sure what's going on entirely, I was getting a weird issue where my PC kept freezing randomly while playing videos on second screen and I would get sound popping and it would freeze and make a sound pop in games.  BUT Eventually I tracked it down to some odd issue with Above 4G encoding, above 4G mimo setting and resizable bar and some AMD control panel settings where the computer will freeze randomly while gaming and for a split second show distortion and at the same time the sound will pop and any videos im playing fail to load and keep stopping and going with the same sound popping.

I noticed when I turn on AMD freesync everything goes away, all games run perfectly and no issues with any of that, if I turn that off and use Radeon Anti-lag it will run ok, but I hear sound popping and an occasional hitch, then if I use only enhanced sync I get nothing but freezing, and sound popping.

I USED to be able to run enhanced sync and anti-lag together with ZERO issues, but now it's **bleep**.

I brough up above 4g encoding and resizable bar because if I change those settings AT ALL in the BIOS, it makes it all a lot worse and I can barely use my PC ...smh 

SO im not sure if it's the most recent BIOS update(even though the issue happens with a revert to previous BIOS also) or the newest drivers or a combination of both..


AMD 5800X

ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Extreme( newest BIOS Version 0606)


32gigs of Corsair Dominator Platinum(motherboard certified)

EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G+, 80 Plus Gold

Primary monitor: BenQ EW3270U 32 inch 4K(freesync monitor, but I haven't had to turn that on in the past) connected with 8k display port cable version 1.4

Secondary Monitor: Samsung UE850 LU28E85KRS/GO 28" connected with HDMI 2.0

Windows 11 Pro 64bit

I have also completely re-build the system and swapped out all the components except the GPU since I don't have a backup as well as completely changing the OS to Linux and also reinstalling windows, issue remained...

I don't like having to use freesync because it has a weird flickering effect in certain games.

Eventually over time even with freesync enabled or anti-lag games start to have a hard time rendering on the screen and start to get lag.

The GPU is NOT overheating, nothing in my computer is, if I download and install HWinfo64 and open up all the options, nothing goes over 70C in the entire system, unless I push the CPU really hard and max all the cores out, then it will hit 80C, which is in spec though.  



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Journeyman III

This issue is with us since 5700xt black screen problems and/or Adrenaline20 release.
Idk why but if I remeber correctly enhanced sync worked with first few drivers for 5700XT.

Now I have 6700XT and guess what? Still same problem... if I enable ESync heavy stutter/freezes come in. It's 3 years guys...